My name is Andrew Cox. I am a 73 year old born in the Highlands of Scotland.

My father was killed in the last months of the war. My mother married again and I went to live in England whilst maintaining my Scottish family connections during the school holidays. I lived a childhood full of tension and stress as my stepfather was a very controlling person.

I was sent to boarding school at age seven. A lovely school called Orwell Park near Ipswich then on to Eton college. I went from there into the 1st battalion of the Black Watch regiment as an officer. This was expected from all the men in my family at the time.

I traveled for several years after leaving the army ending up in a series of ashrams in India where I became fascinated by the depth of their ancient spiritual wisdom and philosophy.

I spent time living and learning shamanic wisdom teachings from several indigenous tribes in mountains and jungles of Central and South America. I learnt the ways of the teacher plants.

For many years after returning I lived on farms and in rural communities always conscious that I was on a long journey into freedom and enlightenment – I’m still on the same path!

My passion soon became helping others and providing space for others to find themselves  through meditation, yoga, herbal medicine, psychotherapy, gardening, shamanic practices and other healing modalities. I still do this!

I now live on a croft on the glorious North West coast of Scotland with my partner where we grow our own food, fuel and medicine in a very supportive community.