Codex Veritas – Latin for the ‘Truth Code’

 For many years now I have been engaged in uncovering the truth about our existence here in this realm, that we euphemistically call Life on Earth. I’m not just talking about the metaphysical realm but the entire multidimensional reality in all its complexity and mystery. I have been attempting to unravel the paradoxes of the three dimensional construct in which we have our being and who we really are in the whole picture. I realize that great philosophers and scientists have been grappling with these seeming dichotomies for millennia and have uncovered many pieces of the puzzle. There is still a long way to go to find some sort of consensus that is not only a comprehensive understanding acceptable to the most discerning mind but actually empirically provable and without contradiction.

I am now more fully embracing this task for the remaining years of my life and it is my intention to publish all aspects of this truth from the most fundamental to the most esoteric. I trust that you will enjoy this compilation as in the end it will represent one persons testament to discovery and may help others to assimilate deeper meaning in their lives, allowing such awake souls to live in a creative, peaceful and blessed way during their very temporal existence here on this infinite plane.

The conceptual and contextual framework

My underpinning hypothesis is simple – humanity has been deceived by ruling elites, religious systems and scientific tyrannies backed by their controlling agencies preventing all but a tiny percentage of us to reach anything approaching our full potential. This sorry state of affairs has become exponentially more overwhelming in recent centuries. We are now at a serious crossroads of our evolution whereby we can stay asleep, obey the overlords and masters or awaken to this overarching full-spectrum dominance and stand up for our sovereignty and personal freedom of self expression. We can find our true destiny and by embracing our divine nature we free ourselves for now and forever. We may then possibly save our beautiful ecosystem from total destruction by psychopathic criminal warmongers and their degenerate systems

You, dear reader, may be shocked at times by these revelations and the exposure of the elaborate deceptions that we have come to hold as proven truth. Upon closer examination these deceptions fall apart and by applying discernment, rigorous scientific method and pure common sense we may find a clearer and more liberating understanding.


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