The Foundations of our Reality

People often ask Flat Earth Realists the following question.
“What difference does it make if the Earth is Flat or Round?”
There are many reasons why the shape of the Earth matters, but here’s just one reason why it matters.
What could be more important that the foundations of the Earth you are standing on and the foundational beliefs you’ve adopted and attached to that fundamental belief system?
If the foundations of a building are not level and true, the rest of that building cannot be level and true. And eventually a structure will be built which has little relation in reality to it’s intended design.

If the foundations of our beliefs and knowledge are not true, then everything we build or base on those beliefs are not true and therefore are falsehoods. And whilst we continue to add more beliefs based on other false beliefs, we will become even further removed in relation to the truth and our true reality.
So with the fact that were not living on the tilting, wobbling, speeding, spinning space ball, but in reality, we are living on a beautiful flat and motionless plane, just as we experience, with the Sun, Moon and Stars all revolving above and around us just as they appear proves without doubt that many things we once believed to be true about our reality isn’t true and is indeed false, counterfeit, fake, spurious, deliberately contrived and fabricated.
Yes, of course, that also means that the governments of the world are lying to us.  Do you really think they aren’t? Have you ever heard of the term “The world is a stage.”? Well guest what? It’s true.
So, if not knowing the truth of our reality and everything that mankind’s beliefs are based on are false, isn’t important to you and living a lie doesn’t bother, you then no – it doesn’t matter to YOU, at the moment.
However, I can assure you, that it does matter a great deal to those of us, who have already carried out research, observations, tests and experiments and know that the foundational truth of our reality is that we live on a motionless plane. We have already critically thought through the implications and ramifications of such a huge paradigm shift, and the new enlightenment to our human consciousness these revelations will bring.
Some of us can already feel the change coming. But you’re welcome to stay asleep. But just know this, whilst you’re sleeping, there are a small group of people, growing in numbers day by day, that can see the importance that these revelations will have. And were fighting and winning a battle to awaken humanity, so we can build a better future for mankind, other sentient beings and this amazingly beautiful Plane were all living on. Please contact me here if you would like to persue a conversation about flat earth and all who sail in her –
The truth is not for everyone, but only for those who seek it.

FREE Download or read online.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.

Author Eric Dubay.


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